“For Whom The Bells Toll”

For Whom The Bells Toll

With all the hype
of the new year ringing in
No worries, My Dear
Don’t fret
It’s just a number
ascending yet counting down
Life ebbing away
with Your absence
No need to ask
for whom the bell tolls;
For sure,
it tolls for Me…

[“For Whom The Bells Toll”… rawnaK]


“Songs of a lost summer”



“Songs of a lost summer”

Blinded in love,
ignorant of the present
Never saw it coming,
but felt the change of seasons
Latently… a long time ago,
creeping in silently
With moods and priorities changing,
the smilies of affection… gone
The marathon conversations,
turned into monosyllabic answers
The instant replies… gone
My Summer skipping Autumn,
being my Fall,
Winter stepped in,
announcing the cold front.
And now I remain,
frozen in time…
Without any goodbyes,
All hopes of a lifelong summer…
Gone… Long gone..!!

[“Songs of a lost summer”… rawnaK]

“Ocean of silence”

“Ocean of silence”

Oceans apart and miles away,
dwelling in memories
Behind closed eyes,
we stare at each other
With an ocean of silence,
raging between us.
Placid faces
And harnessed emotions,
whipped by the tides
of circumstances.
Delusional ignorance,
hiding the storm beneath,
The ocean of silence.

[“Ocean of silence”… rawnaK]

“O’life… You and I”

“O’life… You and I”

O’life… You and I,
Why are we..?
Old rusty railway tracks,
in a journey together
Running parallel,
side by side

O’life… You and I,
laid on a bed
of grieving stones
Connected by grey ties
of melancholy
Yet never meeting,
never touching

O’life… You and I,
seeing, feeling, talking…
from this close,
yet so far
Emotionally out of sync,
eyes teary and vision blurred
Unclear mumblings and
unfinished conversations
Broken dreams and dying wishes

O’life… You and I,
bearing the hefty burden,
of a lifetime spent,
on borrowed happiness
Weight of a kingdom,
of pain and sorrows,
in chilling complete darkness

O’life… You and I,
Just to get by,
side by side
These numbered moments,
and pre-determined breaths
Yet, never coming together,
or crossing over
Nor knowing…

O’life, pray tell me…
Before my last breath,
Come talk to me sometime..!!

[“O’life… You and I”… rawnaK]

“بہنے دو۔۔۔”

“بہنے دو۔۔۔”

کیا پوچھتے ہو۔۔۔
چھوڑو، جانے دو
کیا، کب اور کیسے۔۔۔
سوالات چھوڑو، رہنے دو
مرض پُرانا ہے
درد کی لہر نئی۔۔۔
موج نئی
بہنے دو۔۔۔

کیا پوچھتے ہو۔۔۔
کہاں کھویا ہوں
چھوڑو، جانے دو
کیا سوچتا ہوں
تُکے چھوڑو، رہنے دو
مرض پُرانا ہے
درد کی لہر نئی۔۔۔
سوچ کی موج وہی
بہنے دو۔۔۔

تُم خوش ہو، اچھا ہے۔۔۔
باقی باتیں بےمعنی ہیں
دکھڑے چھوڑو، جانے دو
میری مانو، میں خوش ہوں
شکوک چھوڑو، رہنے دو
مرض پُرانا ہے
خوشی کی لہر نئی۔۔۔
موج نئی
بہنے دو۔۔۔

[“بہنے دو۔۔”… rawnaK]

“Cold Words”

“Cold Words”

The more things get easier
And distances shorter,
Humanity moves apart.

Once we had a cold war;
Today, merely a cold world.
Beauty of life; diminished.
The art of communication; Gone.

No need for preparations or efforts,
No need for pen, paper or stamps…
For, now, we are constantly at war.

A media war; socially.
A war
Of words.
Hateful ones
Empty at best.
Emotionally barren,
Open lies
Blatant disregard of morality,
And values long gone.

Press enter…
And the damage is done.
Done in obscene silence,
And pure cruelty.
Not a ripple is visible
Of the cause and effect
On the soul or broken heart
Of the recipient.
Of the lashes of the words.
Pain of the sender,
Numbness of the recipient.

[“Cold Words”… rawnaK]

“Snowflakes to tears”

“Snowflakes to tears”

It’s snowing peacefully,
And I see the snowflakes falling,
Floating towards the ground
paths disturbed by the wind…
Rocking to and fro,
Like journey of life
and nature of fate no less.
Each flake, a distant memory,
Cherished, yet painful…
An ensemble…
Of emotions, and happiness lost,
Playing in the corner of my eyes.
Coming to an end,
As the flakes hit the pavement,
Melting away in tears..!!!

[“Snowflakes to tears”… rawnaK]