“From you to me”

“From you to me”

From you to me,
thy gift of madness.
thy gift of sadness,
thy hands and
my last rites.

a cherished memory
holding me captive,
night and day.

A beloved no doubt,
The wind of change
and the setting sun’s last ray.
I seek you by my side,
Be it night, or be it day.

I yearn for your fragrance.
Through the ups and downs,
dawns and dusk’s each day.

I name thy generosity,
my treasure, my Helen of Troy,
my happiness and my life’s joy.

From you to me,
Your repressed love so fickle.
But, O’ my Love
From you to me, 
so much and yet so little; 
The gift of “You”.


[ “From you to me”… rawnaK ]

“I have loved before…”

I have loved before 00


“I have loved before…”

I have loved before…
Aaaah my Colibri,
but she flew away…
and I built me a wall so high
Letting someone in? Naaaa!
I knew… I’d rather die
But there You were, knocking
asking me to let you in
Pushing me, daring me
to let my heart beat again,
for You!

I have loved before,
but the sky has never been bluer
I have never felt,
what I feel today
Feels like a reverie,
I dare not believe
Loving you could be so easy,
everything feels so right
with You

I have loved before,
but I can’t get you out of my head
As if I am standing on a cliff,
ready to leap into the abyss
Instead, I hear you calling,
reaching out, asking
If I dare take a chance on life again,
for nothing else,
but You

I have loved before,
but you are more than anyone else
I have ever understood before,
I could give up,
walk away
The smartest thing to do
But that never was me
I think I am gonna let my heart beat,
sing to your tune,
and dance to your melody
Giving love a chance,
taking a shot at life again,
with You..!!


[ “I have loved before”… rawnaK ]

“Mama Dear”

Mama Dear….

A mother can be a shady tree

That withstands the test of times

A mother can be a shelter

That nurtures and protects

A mother can be a goddess

That forgives and forgets

Or a mother can be a fortress

That secures and protects

But you are the only mother I know

Who is all those things and more…

You….Mama, are Mine….

And I am blessed to be Yours

Happy mothers’ day


[“Mama Dear” #BSM]

“Funeral of Colors”


Funeral of colors 1


“For the rest of me”


“For the rest of me”

You are…
the air I want,
to breathe all the time,
for the rest of me.

You are…
the smile I want,
to wear on my lips,
for the rest of me.

You are…
the twinkle I want,
to carry in my eyes,
for the rest of me.

You are…
the melody I want,
to hear continuously,
for the rest of me.

You are…
the beauty I want,
to cherish solemnly,
for the rest of me.

You are…
the beat I want,
to resonate in my heart,
for the rest of me.

You are…
the moonlight I want,
to talk to, all night, every night
for the rest of me.

You are…
the warm sunrise I want,
to wake up to, each day,
for the rest of me.

You are…
the ONE I want,
to love, exclusively & wholeheartedly
For the LIFE of me..!!


[ “For the rest of me”… rawnaK ]

“If You could see”


“If You could see”

If You could see…
What I see…
You would be,
Ohhh so jealous…
of my eyes…
Looking at You…
Smiling back at Me…

A Million smiles
Wrapped into one
Brightening up my heart…
Saying a thousand words
in true meaningful silence.

I am numb in motion, overwhelmed…
With a warmth and joy…
I never felt before
Seeing You…
Seeing Me…
With those deep brown eyes…

I feel overwhelmed… Lost even…
And, I am drowning… Constantly,
Ever So Much Submerging…
In God’s own miracle…

You… my Love…


[“If You could see”… rawnaK]

​”Words Garbed in Love for Life”

“Words Garbed in Love for Life”

Looking at me… my face
the smile You put on it
every time I see You….
Looking deeper into my eyes
I see You thinking… wondering…
Is this it..??

Wishing for a miracle,
I wish something gives…
tilting things in my favor
I wish You would take the plunge…
stand by me… Walk with Me
On the journey of life…

Just Your wondering warms my heart…
it rejuvenates my soul.
But truly Honey…
I wish You would listen…
to my words more deeply…

Because one day…
under my salt and pepper or powder-white hair…
My face will change,
weatherworn, ravaged and seasoned,
telling the tales of time

My eyes… clouded and fatigued,
My fingers might become crooked…
But never my soul…
Cause I know.. You will keep me whole…

At that age and time…
My voice might become flimsy and feeble…
trembling even in sync with the rest of me
But truly Honey…
Please Know… for You…

My words will still be the same…
Expressing my emotions, my mesmerization of You,
My love for thee… untouched,
and unaffected eternally….
with the same incorrigible enthusiasm and resolve
I today harbor for thee…

So… truly Honey….
I wish You would close Your eyes…
and just listen…
to my words more deeply…
Now… and for always..!!!

[ “Words Garbed in Love for Life”… rawnaK]