“My heaven on Earth”

“My heaven on Earth”

For You are the Heaven on earth that I always Wished for…
and now Long for…
Look for…
Smile for…
Write for…


The highest unattainable happiness
that my soul craves for…


Seeing into Your eyes…
Holding in my hands…
Your face….
Planting a kiss on your forehead…
Your smile… Your laughter…


Saying it out loud…
The sound of Your name…

As long as I live…

I will live…
and I will die…
For the sound of your feet,
Coming to me,
never to leave again.


“An Autumn Soul”

An Autumn Soul”

Like a tree in Fall,
shedding its leaves
According to the season,
I wish,
I could shed my memories


But looking at a tree,
having shed it’s leaves
Dying second by second,
piece by piece,
I lose my resolve;
As it still looks sad,
By each falling leaf…


Each memory,
is a cause for celebration…

If You ever come looking for me…
You will find me dancing
Carelessly at the mercy of the wind…


Cause… my Love,
to me,
Neither love was ever a season,
nor am I…




“The Path… Now Abandoned”

“The Path Now Abandoned”


I never saw the beauty
in the boring and worn out,
dry hardened soil
Making up the pathway
to my humble abode


Lately I have noticed,
grass growing,
on the narrow path taken
free of the terror of the visiting steps


I never knew,
the beauty of a few leaves of grass,
could be this saddening..!!

“My Beloved Nemesis”


“My Beloved Nemesis”


She showed me Her soul,

I exposed to Her… mine,



After all this,

going back to becoming strangers

Just isn’t possible anymore

At least not for a simpleton like me.



With the least bit of attention

She does nothing,

but tears me apart… emotionally.



Acting all ignorant,

to my existence and reality

I am emptying up from within,

with soon, nothing left to give..!!



“The Anatomy Of Pain”

“The Anatomy Of Pain”

Love is a strange phenomenon;

a bittersweet paradox of life

Made to share,
with that special someone


But beware!
Along with happiness,
there comes an end


Raising its ugly head;
unexpected, unforeseen
and abrupt


And that my Dear,
can never be shared

Pain is not a piece of prose
to be written and sent to You

It is neither a scar or mirror,
that I can show

Nor it is a story,
that I can share and tell

My pain is “so to say”…

Mine alone..!!


You still want to know it all??
“For What & Why”…

I wonder…


It being an open secret…
Everything can be shared,
But pain…


Pain is rather something,
that can be seen or read,
within the lines on my face


Or it might at times,
in private…
trickle down my cheeks





I walked through life…
Lost in my own thoughts,
with not a care in the world;
or bothered
what was happening


Preoccupied by nothingness,
totally oblivious and unscathed,
to the passage of time
Absolutely unconcerned,
of my immediate surroundings
Yes, I lived life -absent-mindedly


Then I met You
A blessing or a curse?
is yet to be determined
All depending,
whether the mind wins,
or this foolish heart of mine..!!


Today I am scared of myself
Of losing my empathy;
of becoming unable to love truly
Of abandoning my friends;
turning into an introvert
Not even able to love my self


Hell is nothing,
compared to an empty heart;
With the pockets of my soul,
turned inside out
Empty, with nothing left to offer


Neither happy nor sad,
but plain empty
I think you left me…


Picture credits:
Colors | Black
by Leticia M.

“ہائے دل… یہ پاگل دِل میرا”


“ہائے دل… یہ پاگل دِل میرا”


بلاجھجک اڑاؤ مذاق میرے دل کا۔
اس میں جو خواب پنپتے ہیں
اس میں جو جذبات پلتے ہیں
کون کرے قدر ان سب کی
کون سنے پکار ان سب کی


تن تنہا، بجھا ہوا، ٹوٹا ہوا
پھر بھی دیوانہ وار
تیری یادوں میں ڈوبا ہوا
تیری چاہت میں جکڑا ہوا


ہائے دِل… یہ پاگل دِل میرا۔۔۔


کرے یہ تیری جستجو کیونکر؟
کیوں یہ اپنی اوقات بھولے ہے۔۔؟؟