“The Ultimate Oxymoron”

“The Ultimate Oxymoron”

I was just passing through…
Without a purpose
Without a goal…
Then I met You…
And with that…
I found a reason to live…
Oxymoronic it might sound…
But I tell You…
A reason to live…
Is always…
Worth dying for..!!


“The Dilemma”


“The Dilemma”

Loving someone you can’t forgive…
That’s bad…


But still…
Loving someone you can’t have…
That’s worse..!!


Fate always gives you two choices…
The one you should take,
and the one…
you choose to take.


A fool’s mistake for sure…
Being alone with someone
You never should have loved.


“A Bond Of Pain And Love”

“A Bond Of Pain And Love”
Caressing her gently,
holding her safely,
I bring her to my lips
Like a long lost friend
longing for my touch,
she clings to my kiss
Lighting a match of desire,
I wrap her in flames
I kiss her again,
ignoring her pain,
inhaling her deeply,
She seeps into my soul,
and warms up my very core
I exhale and she
dissolves into thin air
brooding and contemplating,
issues, concerns and griefs
Jotting down thoughts and emotions,
penning down the love and the loss
Adding yet another word to words,
creating a reflection of my thoughts
Without any objections,
or interruptions
Even though burning up,
she stays by my side
Till her last breath,
dying for me,
many a times each moment
several times each day;
No doubt…
She is indeed my most trusted friend,
mirroring my thoughts,
one thought at a time…
Strange bond,
this love of ours…

“You Will Leave One Day”

“You Will Leave One Day”

You will leave one day,
leaving behind only pain and hurt
Hollowness and emptiness,
the meaningless passage of time
Clueless but mindful,
of the boat missed

Sailing off and taking away,
my joys, my laughs and my pride
My candle of light,
the wick pinched cruelly
Leaving me in darkness,
all sad, lonely and bitter

You will leave one day,
taking with you,
my spirit and my life
Gullible me… thinking,
I would get what I give
I would get what I deserve
Who said life was fair..!!

You will leave one day,
And so will I…
But only when,
the heart falls silent;
and no heart left to beat..!!

“Abandoning Myself”

“Abandoning Myself”
The walls are tumbling,
and my heart is crumbling,
down and down so low
I feel suffocation,
love has gone missing,
and my soul
has abandoned itself
I just feel like leaving,
hitting the road,
in a car I can’t afford,
following a plan i don’t have
Doesn’t matter when,
doesn’t matter where
Up North or due South,
but I surely gotta leave,
even for nowhere
Nothing left here for me,
but broken pieces,
of a soul once alive
and a heart once happy


Everybody is out,
looking and searching,
for someone,

who is perfect,
in each and every way
Keep looking, my Friend,
like a dog chasing it’s tail
Just pure exhaustion,
and a spiral without end
not only a strange word,
also pure myth
Cause nothing is perfect
Not even the moon,
having its own imperfections
The beauty of imperfection,
it makes things special
Special trumps perfect,
One person’s “special”,
is that person’s “perfect”
And You my Friend,
you just have to believe in me,
like I do, in You
You my Dear,
are “special” to me,
making You perfect..!!

“The Silent Ignorance”

“The Silent Ignorance”


Like a hanging icicle,
of clear ice,
frozen in time
Happy in my silent ignorance,
until touched by You


Now melting away,
Drop by drop,
into nothing,
for nothing


Slowly and painfully,
into nothing,
for nothing
While thinking fondly,
and longing
For the silent ignorance